Leiden Sleutelstad – timelapse/hyperlapse

A portrait of the beautiful city of Leiden (also known as the “Sleutelstad” or “City of Keys”) in timelapse, hyperlapse, boatlapse and bikelapse. Shot over the course of a year, it includes many of Leiden’s iconic places and buildings. Whenever I go out and shoot timelapse, I see something new, even though I may have passed a place or building countless times before. Hopefully, that goes as well for those who watch this video. Enjoy!

Camera: Canon EOS 550d plus the awesome power of Magic Lantern (http://www.magiclantern.fm/)
Lenses: Sigma 17-70mm, Sigma 10-20mm, Tamron 70-300mm
Filters: B+W ND 3.0, Tiffen ND 0.9
Slider: Pocketslider (http://pocketslider.de/)
Software: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, Adobe PremierePro, LRTimelapse (http://lrtimelapse.com/)

Music (licensed): The Analog Affair, “Violent Young” (https://www.audiosocket.com/music/share-track/134160)

Thanks to the SVB and Fitland XL Level for location access. The boatlapses would not have been possible without the help of Jack Geerlings from Rondvaart Leiden (http://rondvaartleiden.nl/en/). A big thanks to them! The bikelapse was made with a cargobike graciously provided by Trappers Fietswinkel (http://www.trappers.cc/).

Locations in order of appearance: looking out over Leiden from the SVB-tower, confluence of Nieuwe and Oude Rijn, Nieuwe Rijn, Hortus, Oude Vest, Stevenshofjesmolen, Molen D’Heesterboom, Beestenmarkt, looking out over Leiden from the V&D, Herengracht, Leiden Centraal, Meelfabriek, Groenesteeg Begraafplaats, confluence of Nieuwe and Oude Rijn, Groenesteeg Begraafplaats, Molen De Put, Weeshuis, Morspoort, Vrouwekerk, Gravensteen, Nieuwe Rijn, Morspoort, Lakenhal, Stadhuis, Hooigracht, Korenbrug, Achmea building, Zijlpoort, Lakenhal, Haven, Oude Rijn, Beestenmarkt, Achmea building, LUMC building 2, looking out over Leiden from Fitland XL Level, Haven, Steenstraat, Schouwburg, Sint Jorispoort, Schouwburg, Leiden Centraal, Molen D’Heesterboom, looking out over Leiden from the Morspoort garage, Rapenburg, Steenschuur, Kamerlingh Onnes building, Molen De Valk, Gravensteen, Stadsgehoorzaal, Stadhuis, looking out over Leiden from the Morspoort garage, looking out over Leiden from the Burcht, Galgewater, Rapenburg, Sterrewacht, Rapenburg, Rijn, Breestraat, Gasfabriek, confluence of Nieuwe and Oude Rijn, Groenhazengracht and Rapenburg, Galgewater.

Some additional scenes that didn’t make the final cut can be seen here: https://vimeo.com/84457277

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