The dreamy Electro of Cinnamon Chasers

The dreamy Electro of Cinnamon Chasers

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There is a good chance that the music of Cinnamon Chasers will never make its way to the general public. This formation based in London does make some dreamy Electro music. Music that is combined with artsy videos.

Not everyone is a fan of Electro music. There isn’t just one type of Electro. The music style dates back to the Sixties. Back in those days, the music was called Krautrock. A slightly offensive title. This had to do with the rise of the German formation Kraftwerk. After Kraftwerk others came, like Yello Magic Orchestra (Japan). During the Seventies, it seemed like everyone was hooked on the synthesizers and other electronic devices. The instruments formed a great inspiration for those who rose to fame in the Eighties.

In the Eighties, a new subgenre was born: Electro Funk or Electronic Funk. Not everyone agrees that this subgenre really has an attachment with Electro. Even nowadays, there is a lot of debate if music made by Cinnamon Chasers is actually Electro. Some state it’s more like House music. When you consider House music as a different genre, there is another problem. House music is made up of all different genres. Trance, Hardstyle, Vocal House… The list is very long.

Maybe it’s not a question about what it is. Maybe the real question should be: is this art. In the other article, the song “Luv Delux” was already covered. Therefore it’s time to share another artsy video by this London based formation: “The World Is Yours.” Yes, this is not the most recent work of this formation. Does it really matter? Art is art and it isn’t limited to time, right?