Hello 2020

Photo credits: Kelly Sikkema

Hello 2020

It’s time for a new update on the project Let’s Agree It’s Art. It’s not only time to welcome the new year (2020). It’s also a great way to show you what 2020 could bring.

It’s not easy to write about art. There is so much to write about. Paintings, sculptures, poetry… these are just a few examples of things you can write about. When it comes to digital art, there is, even more, to write about. In 2019, I decided to make way for other projects. Projects that seemed more important at that time. With the turning of the year, I realized that this project – Let’s Agree It’s Art – deserved more attention. That’s why I’m not only welcoming this new year, but I’m also making a promise to you.

Remember those days, back in 2017 and 2018? I focussed only on poetry and literature. This project was entitled The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. It turned out to be a success. So much of a success that many tried to copy this. Instead of competing with all of these websites and projects, I decided to call it the end. This project ended and a new project came to life: Let’s Agree It’s Art.

There are many things to write about. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop a message. If you are interested in writing for this project, contact Let’s Agree It’s Art. Together we will figure out what the possibilities are.

Now for 2020. This year, more articles will be published. The focus is still on art in general. Not only limited to poetry. Yes, I will use the archive of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs from time to time. But there will be more to write about.

Best wishes for 2020! Let’s hope this will be a great and creative year!

Harm Jagerman
Founder of Let’s Agree It’s Art

Image credits: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash