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About Let's Agree It's Art


Let’s Agree It’s Art started as a follow-up of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs in 2018. This website promoted poetry since 2016. During the two years that followed, The Ministry of Poetic Affairs saw increased popularity. But there were some limitations: the website was only about one art form. The other limitation, more like a problem: there was more to do what The Ministry of Poetic Affairs did. Most of them just copied the initiative from The Netherlands.

As of 2018, the project stopped. It made way for a new project entitled Let’s Agree It’s Art. This made it possible to not only focus on poetry, but also on other forms of art.



Let’s Agree It’s Art gives an answer to the question Is it really art? That’s the interesting part: art is wide. It’s broad. It’s more! More than you might think of.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There’s a good chance you’ve heard about this. It’s true. Beauty is something that is rather subjective. This website is dedicated to the beauty of art. It’s not limited to just one form of expression.



Let’s Agree It’s Art is an independent platform to promote a wide range of art forms. To be and to write independently. That is important.

To be able to write and express yourself in freedom is important! That is one of the focus areas of Let’s Agree It’s Art.



This website offers artists the chance to promote their work. This is possible via articles on this website and posts on social media.

Interested to benefit from this free promotion? Contact Let’s Agree It’s Art via [email protected].


About the founder

This website is an initiative of Harm Jagerman. In daily life, he is a professional photographer, writer and creator. The contact information/company information of this website points to the website of Harm Jagerman.

More information: www.harmjagerman.com. Business inquiries: [email protected].