Let's Agree It's Art

About Let's Agree It's Art

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This website is dedicated to the beauty of art. Art isn’t limited to just one form of expression. There isn’t just one label for art. Art isn’t general.

This website is based on the activities of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. We decided to move on. Seek new creative challenges, without the limitations of “just” one art form (poetry).

Let’s Agree It’s Art is an independent platform to promote a wide range of art forms. Wedo this because we believe every artist deserves the promotion they deserve. It doesn’t matter if the artist is dead or alive, professional or amateur. We believe that art unites.

Our website is based on the (simple) idea that there is always a moment for art. In any form. We believe that everyone should have access to free information.

Art isn’t something for an elite. It should be something that is for everone.

Do you agree? Agree that’s it’s art. Join us on our mission to promote art!

Let’s Agree It’s Art is founded by Harm Jagerman. In daily life he is a photographer and writer. More information is available via this website